Book Review: Do Not Open


On the day author Mari Morgan receives the email, she has little left to live for.

The message—simple yet utterly life-changing—offers a glimmer of hope to her dismal existence. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, and if she takes it, it could change everything.

Mari’s immediate sense of unease is eclipsed only by her curiosity—elicited from the supposed fan on the other end of the email. Unsatisfied despite doing her due diligence, and with no way to discern the legitimacy of the sender, Mari takes a leap of faith and replies.

What harm could come from one innocent message?

Soon, as she comes face to face with her ‘number one fan,’ it’s all too clear things are not what they first appeared. Now trapped by a villain far more sinister than she could’ve crafted herself, the fate awaiting her is inspired by the darkest depths of the monsters in her own novels.

In order to escape and survive, Mari must use the strength of the heroines she’s spent years writing about. But this villain has spent years inside her worlds, too.

How will she defeat an evil who has learned from the best?
For fans of Misery, YOU, and Behind Closed Doors, million-copy bestselling author Kiersten Modglin brings us a haunting tale of obsession and survival in the form of a writer’s worst nightmare come to life.

My Review

I will give the author props as this book does deliver on the book suggestions of Misery, You, and Behind Closed Doors. Which I really liked about this book. It definitely was strongest with Misery. Fans are nice but number one fans can be very scary. That is what Mari learns. 

I did want to shake Mari. She should have listened to her instincts, and she would not have found herself in the predicament that she did. Her number one fan was giving me some creepy vibes. He was too calm about how he interacted with Mari.  

While I liked the vibes of this story, I will admit that I was not very attached to either Mari or her number one fan. So, there were periods when I would find myself not engaged in the story. Even with the big reveal I was not shocked. 


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