Book Review: Bossy Devil


There’s absolutely no way I’d ever work for my ex-boyfriend. Besides, the only thing he needs help with is pulling the stick from his perfectly sculpted backside.

Gordon Benson is the one man I never wanted to see again. He’s grumpy, antagonistic, and so irritatingly more attractive than he was 12 years ago. Those biceps, that muscular chest, those dark green eyes that still manage to get me all twisted up…it’s not fair.

I broke up with him. He demolished my heart. End of story.

Or at least it was until I ran into him after a figure skating gig. And then his sister offered me a job as their executive assistant —a job I didn’t need until the company I worked for went bankrupt.

So, here I am, selling my soul to the actual Devil to make sure me and my daughter are taken care of. The daughter who shares his DNA and yet he acts like she doesn’t exist. I keep telling myself this job is only temporary, that I’ll find something else, but the more I stay here, the more the Nashville Devils feel like family.

And maybe there’s more to Gordon than insults and a prickly exterior. Maybe he’s not quite villain I made him out to be but there’s still too much at stake. He could lose his hockey team and I could lose the only thing I have left. My heart.

My Review

Again, another great book by Melissa. I love this series and all of the characters. They have all grown to be family to me. It is about time that Gordon got his story. The grumpy and angsty vibes were strong in this book. I loved every moment of it. 

Gordon is an uptight suit wearing type of guy. So, it was fun to see Riley getting under his skin. The tension between them just kept building. When they shared that first kiss. Sparks were flying and then when Gordon asked Riley into his office and rolled up his sleeves to show his big, toned arms!

Loved the group chat that the guys put Gordon in and calling it Baby Daddies. I could have read the texts all day long. This Baby Daddy knows how to please his woman. 


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