Book Review: Bite the Terror That Feeds


He gave me his word—and he broke it.

Kingsnake promised me he would let me go once he found the cure, but he’s known this entire time and never once shared it with me. And now that I know the truth, that there is no cure, he still won’t let me go. Now I’m his prisoner once again.

He asks to feed from me several times, but I refuse all his advances. If he wants my blood, he’ll have to force it from me. He comes to my bedchambers to speak with me, but I pretend he doesn’t exist. Once his hunger intensifies and the weakness sets in, he’s forced to feed—and it won’t be from me.

Viper escorts me from my chambers to the brothel where his prey awaits, and I’m forced to look at a gorgeous and naked woman waiting for him. His betrayal has iced my heart and closed off my feelings, but my jealousy can’t be controlled. I may be angry with him, but I don’t want him to have anyone else but me.

So I submit to the vampire king—again.

My Review

This book pretty much picks up after the prior book. Larisa finds herself once again in Kingsnake's presence. She can tell herself all the lies she wants and give Kingsnake rules but in the end, she can't resist him. She is like a moth drawn to a flame. 

These two's relationship is evolving into something deeper. I saw some growth from Larisa but not a great amount. I will agree with some of the other readers that she could have been stronger but really who could blame her when it comes to Kingsnake. 

In this book, we also get to know Kingsnake's brother, King Cobra better. Who I like this addition and his love interest Clara. I was looking for a new dark, fantasy series to sink my teeth into (pun intended). I look forward to continuing this series. Although, I may have to do so in audio format as I really enjoyed the narrators, Ramona Master and Michael Ferraiuolo.


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