Book Review: Center Ice


I’ve always been a wild card – the first to start a fight on the ice, and the life of the party off it – but appearances can be deceiving.

Being traded to the Boston Rebels could not have come at a better time. With serious family obligations to fulfill and a contract renewal with a new hockey team on the line, I have no time for anything else. I return to Boston knowing I need to buckle down and focus on what really matters.

But the first night I’m back in town, I come face to face with Audrey, my college calculus tutor. We had a brief fling right before I was drafted into the NHL. Now, her five year old son is standing by her side, and I don’t need a tutor to do that kind of math.

Audrey insists she doesn’t want me involved in Graham’s life unless I can commit to being a dad. With everything else going on, this is the worst possible timing.

But every minute I spend with Graham and Audrey feels exactly right, and I’m left questioning everything I thought I wanted.

Because now my goals are shifting, and getting what I really want might come at the expense of the game I’ve given my entire life to.

My Review

Drew is not a bad guy. He really has a good heart. He is showing everyone from his family, teammates, and Aubrey that he has changed. He is especially good with his son, Graham. Instantly, I really liked Drew. 

While I liked the romance between Drew and Aubrey, I have to say that the sweeter moments were my favorite. Like when Aubrey was dealing with her monthly cycle and Drew gave her a back massage, or when he cared for her when she was sick. There is the moment when Graham had an accident and Drew helped him with it, so he was not so embarrassed.

I look forward to continuing this series to get to know Drew's teammates better and Aubrey's friends. 


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