Book Review: Captured by the Cupid


If you love Valentine’s Day, you will love this book.
If you hate Valentine’s Day, you will also love this book!

Captured by the Cupid is a dark romantasy standalone in the Roars and Romances series following the Amazon bestseller, Kidnapped by the Krampus. With a subtle Valentine's theme starring a broody bad boy gargoyle and the sweet and sassy girl who can capture his arrow—and maybe his heart—this spicy standalone can be read any time of the year!

"I didn’t expect you to be some sexy gargoyle monster.”
In the blink of an eye, I find myself in Purgatory, where I meet Eros, the God of Love. Not your cutesy Cupid, Eros is a very hot and very broody and very cursed gargoyle demon with a heart of stone. I fall hard for him and his tragic realm. But can he find love with this love-struck, curvy clairvoyant who sees auras, likes pranks, and is determined to be more than just a chapter in his love story?
I might love his multi-chocolate milkshake.

She is the butterfly who plays with the beast.
Psyche is lost to me. And now this glowing little mortal with her pink curls and thick curves like an aphrodisiac is complicating my quest to find my goddess wife. Her laughter echoes through my stone corridors, making my arrow hard while softening my stony heart. Will she be my new heartbreak like my missing Psyche? Or can she love the god and the gargoyle and break my curse?
Seems I've discovered her chocolate addiction.

With whimsical twists as unpredictable as a box of chocolates, Captured by the Cupid promises an arrow straight to your heart. So, swap out the candy and flowers with this slow-burn dark fantasy meets laugh-out-loud rom-com—complete with a serenading cinnamon roll sidekick, a tantalizing touch of trauma-healing, and a sizzling feast of Cupid kink.

~Captured by the Cupid is mainly MF but grows to include MFM under the possessive eye of Eros with some light MM.

My Review

I instantly fell in love with Eros. He already was giving Aradia a nickname of "Butterfly". They both felt the strong chemistry between them. Only Eros made the first move. 

I laughed so hard when Eros threatened to spank Aradia and she did not think he would. He did with his tail, and she thought "Fifty Shades of Gargoyle". 

Crescendo is Eros plaything and lover. He is great. He really brough the humor and is the only one that could get away with poking Eros buttons. 

The intimate scenes between Eros and Aradia are HOT! Yet, you add in the mix of Crescendo and you do have an inferno. Gargoyle romance for the win!


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