Book Review: Bad Things


Bad Things

No witnesses. No evidence. No motive.
But the whole town knows.

After being with an abusive boyfriend for years, Hannah Kennedy and her 13 year old daughter recently moved back home to a small farming and forestry town.

But news travels fast in the community, and she’s not the most favourite of citizens.

So when her successful, intelligent, and handsome boyfriend goes missing, it threatens a national exposure the small town wants to resolve themselves.

And they’re willing to do just about anything to keep it that way.

Hannah Kennedy
There's always a man outside my home. He's watching me a lot lately.
He helped me. He excites me.

Tommy Richardson
I married the wrong woman. It should have been her. And now she lives down the street and there's not a damn thing I can do about it.

This is not a pitch black/blackout dark romance.
No happily ever after endings.
Content warnings will be listed chapter by chapter.
If successful, this will be the second book in a trilogy.

My Review
What I really appreciated is the fact that the author added trigger warning at the beginning of various chapters, so that readers can skip reading the chapter if they want. Although, to be honest, you should read the triggers before picking up this book because the book will not be as enjoyed as much if you do have to skip chapters. There are a handful of chapters that have these warnings. 

When I first started reading this book, I did not catch the transition between the Past and Present. So, I was a bit confused. Once, I realized what was happening, I admit that I was more engaged with the past. 

Despite Tommy being a bit rough around the edges, I liked him. Hannah was fine. Towards the end of the story, I did like her better. Her daughter, Chloe is a brat. While, I may not have fully engaged with the characters, I will try another book by this author.


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