Book Review: No Touch Zone


What starts as a game ends with two hearts on the line

Dana “Mac” McPherson is a goaltender without a job, a team, or a city. Until he lands in Denver as a backup goalie. He should be happy, but he’s not. Not only is his new job a step down from the starting goaltender position he’s used to, even worse, he’s uprooting his family from the only home they’ve ever known—and he’s doing it as a widowed single dad of two young children.

Mac decides the move to a new city is the perfect chance to hit the reset button and recapture a slice of his younger self when he was a ladies’ man. But he’s a little out of practice. So when he meets Mia Morales, the dark-eyed beauty helping him and his family find their Denver house, he decides she’s the perfect woman to help him sharpen his skills.

Burned out on her job, her family in turmoil, Mia doesn’t need to add another twist in her already complicated life—like her hunky new client. Mac isn’t just a twist: he’s a huge wrinkle she needs to keep in the client zone because his halting boyish charm threatens to expose her carefully cloistered heart.

Fate has a way of scrambling plans, and as Mac and Mia are continually thrown together, their attraction becomes bigger than both of them. When Mac decides Mia’s more than a candidate to practice his imagined playboy moves on, his determined mother-in-law steps in with an agenda of her own. Meanwhile, Mia struggles to balance the weight of family and job. Her heart’s not all she has to lose if she gives in to her desire to be with Mac.

The path to Mac and Mia’s happily-ever-after is littered with hip-checking hurdles. Some are of their own making, but others are barriers put up by those with a desire to keep them apart. Will they be able to skate around the barricades blocking their way and make it to the goal line, or will they veer so far off the path that they lose out on their happy ending?

A little bit of humor and whole lot of heat

My Review

I had an enjoyable time listening to the audiobook version. The narrators, Ryan Lee Dunlap and Aubrey Vincent really did help bring this book to life. They voiced the characters very nicely and clearly. Also, you could delineate between the various characters. 

This book not only had romance, but it was funny as well. Let's just say that Mac is not as smooth with the pickup lines as he would hope. Yet, it is understandable as he has been out of the game for a while. He is a great father to Mason and Riley.

Mia and Mac shared good chemistry. However, it is kind of a given I mean their first initials are M&M. They both were a bit awkward but that is what made my endeared to them as a couple. It felt real. Did want to give a shout out to Mia's mom. No matter how old you get, you will always be a little girl, who your mother will give you advice whether you want it or not. She cracked me up with her comments. 


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