Book Review: Mother Hater


I’m the last single mom standing.

We had a plan. Move into my great aunt’s old house and raise our kids together. Just four best friends, doing their best to stay afloat.

But then three of them had to go and fall in love.

Now my crumbling brownstone is filled with loving couples, leaving me in the cold.

And the pressure is on to finish fixing things up.

But just when I’ve given up hope, a contractor shows up at my door, tape measure at the ready to make my home renovation dreams come true.

But there’s a catch. He’s overbearing, bossy, and infuriatingly handsome.

Our personalities immediately clash and for once, the faulty wiring isn’t the cause of all the sparks. Despite my best attempts to get rid of him, he persists, fixing things and winning over my roommates, and eventually my kids.

And when a burst pipe results in a hot and heavy make-out session, I’m left wondering if my man-hating days might be behind me.

Because he’s not just renovating my home, but fixing all the cracks in my jaded heart.

My Review

I have been waiting to read Delia's story since book one when Beckett called Delia "Medusa". She did not disappoint me. Poor Enzo as all he was trying to do was fix up the brownstone for Delia and the other moms. Yet, I did not feel that bad for Enzo as he did prove he could hold his own. 

In fact, you could call Delia impressed as Enzo did not go running away from her. I just want to take a moment through to talk about Enzo's name. This is the third book there the main male character is named Enzo that I have read. How come all the men named Enzo are sexy as hell. Enzo has fast become a favorite name of mine now. 

The other moms were active in this book, but I felt like the other men had some bigger presences and I was all for it. The guy chat had me laughing. This book is a fitting ending to this series. 


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