Book Review: Offside


From award-winning sports romance author, Sierra Hill, comes a hot new hockey series that will melt the ice and burn the pages up of your Kindles.

I’m a veteran hockey player known as Ballas the Beast. All I want is to continue playing hockey.

She’s the niece of the team owner, known in the sports world as the Ice Queen.

When we hooked up in Vegas six months ago, it was supposed to be a one-time thing.

But things change…

Now I’m negotiating for what could be the final contract of my career against the one woman I never expected to cross paths with again.

Who also happens to be the new owner of the Vancouver Vikings. My new boss.

My Review

Karis may want to deny all she wants the strong chemistry that she and Ballas shared together months ago but one kiss again from Ballas she remembers all. Even Ballas can't forget the kiss. Ballas may have had a cocky attitude before, but he is a gentleman. The way that he only looked at Karis with desire and love in his eyes even with her scars. 

That was a touching moment. I loved how Ballas had Karis touch his scars to show they are just scars and yet he can still physically be intimate with Karis. Karis's ex is a big jerk for the way that he made Karis think she was undesirable. 

These two were heating up the pages of this book that the ice could have melted. Looking for your next hockey romance, then you should check out this book. 


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