Widow's Might

Someone has just tried to kill Helma Hanson. Who would want to kill a dying old woman? Maybe the same person who murdered her husband. It seems that the Crooked Man has striked again. Only this time the Crooked Man has gotten a little too close for comfort. Liv Bergen's sister, Elizabeth tells Liv that she came to visit Helma and it was a good thing as she prevented Helma from passing on. Liv is once again joined by FBI agent, Streeter Pierce. There is a new guy that is joining. His name is Jack Linwood.

Widow's Might is the third Liv Bergen mystery novel. There is something about this series that I enjoy. Maybe it is the characters or the dark and twisted but well thought out story lines, or it could be that the series is based in Colorado. Whatever the reason may this series does help me get my mystery fix. Although, it I did have some problems at first with the book. One it had been a long time between finishing the second book and reading book three that I had to play catch up and try to remember what had happened in the last book. For this reason, if you are a new reader to this series, I would suggest you start with book one, In the Belly of Jonah. This way you were get familiar with the characters. Then when you go to read book three, the events will be fresher in your mind.

Liv is smart and can hold her own with the guys. Speaking of guys, Liv has gotten a new guy in the picture with Jack. I can not decide which guy that Liv should be with...Streeter or Jack. They are both opposites but they both are good for Liv. Although, I think at the moment that I am leaning more towards Streeter. This could be because I have gotten to know him better and see him with Liv. He really does love her.

Ok, so once I got up to speed again, the first about five or six chapters I felt moved slow. Afterwards, the story picked up and there was plenty of action. Can not wait for the next book. Widow's Might will have you wanting more.


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