A Lady Can Never be Too Curious

Janette Aston is fascinated with science. She is always reading up on the latest scienific experiment. The most recent discovery that has Janette's attention is electricity. This is not something that a proper lady should be spending her time on. If Janette was not a woman, she would be an Illuminist. The Illuminists are a secret group of men, who are into science. Janette crashes one of the meetings. It is there that she meets Darius Lawley.

Darius has an agenda. To keep an eye on Janette. Although, this will be easy as Darius has the hots for Janette.

I picked up this book really excited due to one the cover and two because the word "steampunk". I have become fascinated by this new genre and what authors are doing with it. It is like reinventing the old with the new. Maybe it was because this book is the first book in a new series, which I am really hoping is the case as I found myself not getting into this book as much as I would have liked. I found that the book dragged in the beginning. Also, I did not like the fact that Janette was falling for Darius so quickly. It was like they met, they danced, they kissed, and then they could not keep their hands off each other. This I was suprised by as I found Janette to be a strong, independent and not be swayed by any guy so easily. Not to say that Darius was not good looking and someone that I would fall for but in the beginning, he made fun of Janette and downplayed her intelligence and for this reason, this is why I did not think Janette would fall for Darius right away. The elements of magic and steampunk were good. Not my favorite steampunk book but a nice attempt at it. Hopefully book two will be better.


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