House of Mercy

Beth Borzoi is a vet. She loves animals and healing them. A friend of Beth’s calls for help. There is a problem with his horse. Beth comes out to check on the horse. As payment, Beth’s friend gives Beth a nice gesture unfortunately the gesture has serious consequences. The outcome brings a lawsuit, the death of a horse, and a family divided. As if all this was not enough, Beth is visited by a wolf, who she names Mercy.

This is the second book I have read by author Erin Healy. The first one was Kiss, co-authored with Ted Dekker. So getting to actually really experience Erin’s writing style was a pleasant one.

This book surprised me in a good way. I was not expecting the whole mythical “wolf” aspect in this book. This intrigued me to see where Erin was going with Mercy and the messages that he had for Beth. It seemed that Mercy was the only friend that Beth had. I found her family to be way too critical for my taste. Especially Beth’s older brother. He was really mean to Beth as if the accident was something that Beth purposing planned to have happen. Then what I found funny was when Beth’s mother told Beth that they all needed to stick together as a family yet after the accident happened, Beth’s family turned against her.

Another thing that did drive me a little nuts was at the beginning of the book, Beth stole a saddle yet from Jacob but yet, I never really knew why. This would not have bugged me much yet there was tension when Beth and Jacob did interact briefly and at the end of the story, Jacob forgave Beth but why?

Do check out the inspiration for Mercy.


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