The Sweet Life: Lies and Omissions

The Sweet Life: Lies and Omissions book two continues with Jessica, Todd, Elizabeth, Bruce, Lila and Ken. In this book, readers find that Jessica and Todd's relationship is on the rocks still. Jessica has made a big mistake. She slept with Liam O'Connor. Jessica figures though that it was a one time thing and as long as Todd does not find out, she can make things right and get her family back together.

Elizabeth has found Robin Platt. She is the intern that is accusing Bruce of sleeping with her. Once Elizabeth hears Robin's story, Elizabeth starts having doubts about Bruce's innocences. Especially, when Bruce's story has some holes in his story. With Elizabeth wanting to protect Robin, her and her relationship with Bruce becomes strained.

Lila is determined to win back her husband, Ken Matthews. She will not let some other housewife have her husband. Steven Wakefield and his partner, Aaron are adjusting to their life together with their baby girl, Emma.

Caroline Pearce is Sweet Valley's resident bitch. This is why when she learns that Jessica and Liam slept together. She can not wait to spill the beans on this juicy gossip.

First off, I like the concept of this mini series of books. It is like reading about a soap opera. With the old Sweet Valley books, the twins did find themselves in trouble but nothing that they could not deal with and usually by the end of the book, everything was back to normal. Not this time. Grown up Elizabeth and Jessica have to deal with the real world.

Jessica is her usual self. She gives into temptation too easy and falls into bed with Liam. Still not too sure about her and Todd together. While, I know Elozabeth and Todd probably would not have lasted, I still can not picture Jessica and Todd as a couple who have a son. Todd has trust issues with Jessica. I can not blame him.

There is no change with Elizabeth either. She falls for Robin's story too easily. Not to say that maybe it is true but if she really loves Bruce like she says she does, then she would have his side until she learns the truth. Also, Lila is acting like a spoiled brat. She has a great husband in Ken but she of course can not see it until it is too late.

Steven and Aaron make a nice couple with their daughter Emma. However, their story did not really help add anything to the main story line.

I am getting into this series more and more. I am hooked. This series is a guilty pleasure without all the calories. Can't wait to see what craziness happens in book three.


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