The King's Damsel

Tamsin was just thirteen years old when she lost her father and brother. This was not a good time. To make matters worse, because Tamsin was not betrothed the matter was let with Sir Lionel Daggett. Sir Daggett is greedy. He wants it all. He insures that Tamsin is part of Princess Mary’s entourage. Mary soon becomes a favorite for her knack of being a story teller. Mary catches several men’s eyes. One being a merchant named Rafe Pinckney and the other King Henry.

The King’s Damsel is book five of the Secrets of the Tudor Court series. I have read every book in this series. However, I have to say that I was some what disappointed in this book. This was probably my least favorite book in this series. This was sad for me. I just was not feeling the characters. This in turn made the book read really slowly.

While, I liked Tamsin, I just did not believe the attraction between her and the king. Not to say that there was not some mystery woman that I am sure the king was wooing at the time that Anne and he was on the rocks prior to Jane but I did not see that woman being Tamsin. To be fair however Ms. Emerson does state in the back of the book that the king’s damsel’s identity is unknown and for this book Kate decided to make Tamsin that damsel. I knew that Tamsin’s heart belonged to Rafe and this is who I was cheering for to win Tamsin’s heart for good. I hope the next book is a winner.


Harvee said…
Should I start with book one or can this one be read now? I have all in the series so can start anywhere.
Cheryl said…
You can start any where in the series. Each book can be read as a stand alone novel

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