The Kingmaker’s Daughter deserves a royal spot on your bookshelf!

Isabel and Anne Neville are the daughters of Richard Neville. Their father is known as the “kingmaker”. He is the guy that helped groom and turn Edward into King Edward. Edward and Richard were good friends until Edward married. His queen did not like the Neville’s and instead turned to the Rivers as her friends. Richard and Edward eventually could not agree on their political reviews and Richard decided to restore Henry Tudor VI to the throne. A way that Richard tried to do so was by marrying his eldest daughter, Isabel to George, Duke of Clarence.

One thing that I got to say about Ms. Gregory is that she sure does know how to make history come alive. It was nice to actually read about someone other then Anne Boleyn. Not that I don’t like Anne but I have heard her tale told so many times now that I want to get myself more familiar with other famous people in history.

After reading about Isabel and Anne Neville and what they had to endure with their father and mother, all I have to say is “Be careful what you reap and sow” Mr. Neville learned this the hard way. He lost his live for his desires and gains. To be used as pawns for your father in a deadly game of “Risk”. Of course after getting to know Isabel and Anne better, my feelings towards them did shift a bit. Isabel grew to be hateful and Anne she was clever.

I could tell that Ms. Gregory really likes writing about time period books as she did not gloss over anything in this book. In fact, as much as I did enjoy reading this book and this was a good thing at over four hundred pages, enjoying this book helped to make the time pass along quicker. However I did skim some in the middle as I wanted to get to the meat of the story. The Kingmaker’s Daughter deserves a royal spot on your bookshelf!

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