The Sweet Life (Sweet Valley)

A six episode E-only serial with stories released every two weeks this summer. Starting July 15, Francine Pascal takes Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield of the Sweet Valley High series through a new chapter in their well-chronicled and beloved lives. This dramatic first installment and cliff-hanger ending will leave readers breathless for the next episode. The Sweet Life #1 – begins three years after the events of Sweet Valley Confidential

My review:

Jessica Wakefield-Wilkins is the vice president of VERTPLUS.NET, a green marketing and promotion company. Jessica's latest campaign is for Revlon. Jessica and Todd Wilkins are currently seperated. They have a two year old son named Jake. Jessica and Todd's relationship did not start off on the right foot with Jessica up to her usual schemes and tricking Todd. If Jessica has any plans of hanging on to Todd, she better watch herself as she has competition. Her name is Sarah Miller and she is the new writer for the L.A. Tribune.

Elizabeth and Bruce Patman are in a relationship and they live togatehr in Bruce's mansion. Elizabeth and Todd both work for L.A. Tribune. Todd as a sports columnist and Elizabeth as a "Foibles of life" colmnist of sorts and she maintains her own a blog as well. This made things difficult between Elizabeth and Tood before Elizabeth was able to work more form home. No one wants to see their ex-boyfriend and the current husband of their sister's every day at work. Bruce and Elizabeth's relationship is going strong until a scandal hits a personal note. Will Bruce and Elizabeth be able to stay by each other's side?

Meanwhile, Lila Fowler Matthews. Yep, Lila found someone to love her and marry as well. Lila is currently interviewing to be a "True Housewife" Yep. A True Housewife of Sweet Valley.

To be honest, I had not heard about this new ebook mini series following up on Sweet Valley's famous twin sisters, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. This mini series takes place after Sweet Valley Confidential. So those that read Sweet Valley Confidential will be familiar with the story line meaning the couples and where they are with their lives. For those who have not read the book but loved this series growing up, then this new mini series will be a sweet blast to the past (kind of). Jessica and Elizabeth are all grown up and they are still fighting like sisters, only this time the relationship between them is a rocky road.

Reading this book did bring be back in time. I can remember reading all of the Sweet Valley books including the Sweet Valley University books and watching the short lived television series as well. My favorite is Elizabeth. She is like me in ways. She is smart, a good friend, and is shy but once you get to know me and her, you realize that we are both fun to be around.

I did not read Sweet Valley Confidential, so I do not have all of the back story but I do have a good idea of what happened in the lost years. Crazy that Jessica and Todd got married and Elizabeth and Bruce are together. Seeing how much Bruce loves Elizabeth and she the same, I am rooting for them. I hope that the scandal does not tear them apart. I actually felt bad for Jessica in this book. She is trying to be a good mother, wife and sucessful business woman. Not easy to juggle all three. Not so much interested in Lila's story. I can not wait to continue this story and find out what happens with everyone in book two.

Some things never change.


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