Going to the Bad is a nice cozy, mystery

Lilly Hawkins is at the news station when she hears about a shooting. The shooting is at Lilly’s place. Lilly fears the worst at first. Rod, Lilly’s boyfriend has returned home. Lilly thinks it is Rod but then discovers it is still bad as it is Lilly’s Uncle Bud.

Lilly can not just stand by and wait for the police to figure out what happened to her Uncle Bud. Lilly takes matters into her own hands and discovers some family secrets that someone wants hidden. How high is the price…murder?

Going to the Bad is the second Lilly Hawkins novel that I have read. This is a nice cozy, mystery series. Love Lilly. She is the back bone of this series and the superstar. She seems to always find herself in the middle of a story or murder. Although, she always finds her way out of the sticky situation. Lilly may want to think about switching from “shooter” to news reporter.

I felt bad some for Rod. He was just trying to help and protect Lilly. He is a good guy. Although, the romance between them is lacking somewhat as Lilly is too busy getting out of jams. Not too many surprises in this story but still a fun and quick read.


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