Murder Takes Time: Friendship & Honor Series, Book One (Volume 1)

Review by Nancy

In this tale of “Friendship and Honor”, Frankie, Nicky, Tony, Pauley and others grow up in the streets of Wilmington, Delaware. They smoke at age 6, stealing cigs from Johnny’s Food Market (and, sometimes getting caught). Learning who’s who in the Families keeps them safe if not sound and working card games for them gives them more income than they would have ever imagined. It also gives them nicknames: Frankie “Bugs”, Nicky “The Rat”, Pauley “Suit” and Tony was – just Tony.

Times passes, some lives change and some never will. Bugs is now a detective investigating murders that have to be connected, even if he doesn’t want them to be. Guys from the street are dying in extremely nasty ways and he knows there are links but he doesn’t know to whom. And it’s getting clearer that he may be one of the intended victims.

This book is spell-binding. If you are worrying about the kids growing up on the streets you’re worrying about the streets after the kids have grown up. A study in good vs. evil vs. what could have been, Giammatteo writes as I feel he must have lived (or at least observed) and each boy’s family life is explained to show what makes them the men they become., Friendship and Honor. That’s what it all comes down to. It should last forever.

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Unknown said…
Cheryl: Thanks for taking the time to read Murder Takes Time, and especially for sharing it with your readers. I had a lot of fun writing this book, and it dredged up memories, both good and bad. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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