When I first read the summary for this book, I thought it sounded interesting. Not something that I usually would go for but I am willing to go outside of my box and try new authors and books. This is how I have discovered some good ones. Sadly, I found myself not being able to get into this book. The first person talk, I did a little bit of an issue with in the beginning but then I got used to it. I kind of found it intriguing like thought bubbles. Like I was reading the woman's thoughts. This is what I struggled with. Not that the woman was nameless or faceless as this again was part of the mystery about this book. The woman could be anyone, so the reader is not just set on that one particular woman but can imagine any woman. The problem I had with this book and why I could not finish the book was because of how bitter, self-centered and how the woman wanted to be naive. This goes back to the self-centeredness.

The woman knew her son was gay but yet she would tell him, don't bring it into my house. Also, if there is an event, bring a female date. Ok, so I admit that I do not think of women in that way and I have nothing aganist people who do live their lifestyle differently from me. In fact, I used to hang out with several types...guys and women. who were friends of mine and they were very nice but the way that the woman spoke to her son like she was ashamed of him turned me off. Especially when the woman was seeing a younger man soon after the death of her husband. Plus, all the different characters who jumped into the story was hard to keep track of. I did not know who was who. The story felt a little disjointed.


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