Timeless Desire: An Outlander Love Story

Review by Nancy

Outlanders, in case you didn’t know are more than someone from just another country. Outlanders come from another time. Panna Kennedy was an Outlander although she certainly didn’t mean to be. She was searching in an old cabinet for a “treasure”, something that would bring money for her library when, at the back of the cabinet she saw a chapel. Odd.

Then she found she could go through the cabinet and saw the hunkiest man she’d ever seen. He looked just like the statue in the library in Penns Wood, PA. Well, Panna wasn’t in PA any more – not even close. Try early 17th Century! And the hunk? Hunkier than ever up close but also quite sad, kneeling at a grave. A look out the window reveals Hadrian’s Wall on the border between Scotland and England. Their meeting isn’t polite. He calls her a whore-spy and she, well, she flounces away because she has on a dress perfect for flouncing.

Going back /forward in time apparently changes clothes as well as lifestyles. There is one major hitch, though. You can only go three times. Panna falls and falls hard for Jamie Bridgewater. Jamie is too caught up trying to make peace between his grandfather, and his father – neither who have ever acknowledged his existence. The Earl of Bridgewater has a perfect son in Lord Adderly (who scarily looks just like Jamie) and The McIver tossed Jamie’s mother out when he found she was pregnant. No one has just cared for him. Ever.

The history in this book is remarkable. The clothing descriptions and character traits quite time specific and the love story rivals that of Diane Gabaldon. A perfect tale for a day or two on the porch swing or lying on the grass. I loved it!!


Gwyn Cready is a RITA Award Winner (Best Paranormal Romance 2009) and the author of several beloved paranormal romances including Tumbling Through Time, Seducing Mr. Darcy, Flirting with Forever, Aching for Always and A Novel Seduction.

Highly regarded by fans and peers alike, Gwyn has been called, "the master of time travel romance," and her writing described as “sexy,” “delightfully original” and “wickedly witty.” Timeless Desire is her latest foray into the time travel genre and men in kilts. She still finds both eminently satisfying.

Gwyn lives in Pittsburgh with her family.

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