Enchanting Lily

Lily recently is recovering from the recent death of her husband, Josh. Lily decides to move and start with a fresh new beginning to her life. Lily ends up on Shelter Island. For some reason she is drawn to this place. Lily spots a quiet cottage. Lily decides to purchase the cottage and open her vintage clothing store. Lily gets a new house guest in the form of a white cat with one blue and one green eye. Lily tries to find the cat's owner. It is during her search that she is introduced to the handsome Dr. Cole, the local veterinarian.

I read Haunting Jasmine and thoughly enjoyed it. So I had to check out Mrs. Banerjee's latest book Enchanting Lily. I liked Bella Luna. Although, in the beginning I did not think that Bella helped Lily so much as she got under Lily's feet. As the story progressed, Belly did help Lily to meet a good guy, form friends, and learn to let go of the past. This was a good thing as I felt that Lily needed to let loose. It took me a while to warm up to Lily. The romance between Lily and Dr. Cole was on the slow side. They did not interact a lot with each other in this book. Which, I would have liked to have seen they do more of as I did think there was going to be more romance.

The magical Shelter Island sounds like a place that I would want to live. It was nice to get to see Jasmine from Haunting Jasmine make a brief appearance in this book. This was a quick read. The way the book ended lead me to believe that I have not seen the last of Lily, Bella, or Dr. Cole. Enchanting Lily is a charming read.


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