Thursday at Noon

Review by Nancy

A worn-out, alcoholic CIA agent, the ruler of Egypt, Abdel Gamal Nasser, two of his best friends, and English bartender, a Germn scientist and his daughter make up the main folk in this thriller about rockets, loyalty and the next Cold War. A total study in contrasts in the early 1960’s of Egypt as the Moslems want it, as the Us Ambassador thinks he wants it and as Thomson, the agent knows it really is.

Something is in the works and several men have died for it. Thomson was nearly on of them but his body recalls maneuvers his mind has forgotten and, while he does manage to take his share of hits and kicks; he manages to survive. A Metro Police Detective thinks he has the answers but doesn’t, the idiot Ambassador knows he does, but doesn’t. In fact, the only person with the real answers is no of Nasser’s boyhood friends, the Colonel Ali Rashid, whom Nasser trusts completely and Thomson, whom no one believes.

What a ride this book was! Reading about this time in our past was worth the reading but the plot – what a plot! It could have happened, it may have happened. We don’t really know but it is one heckuva good tale and it all becomes scarily clear - Thursday at Noon.


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