Vanished without a trace

I would like to thank Ann Day with St. Martin's Press for sending me a copy of this book to review.

The first chapter has lots of drama and suspense and sets the tone for the rest of the book. It starts out with Lauren and her husband Roger Heller going out to dinner. As they are walking out of the restaurant, Roger forgets his wallet. He turns to head back into the restaurant, when he hears Lauren call his name. The last thing Lauren remembers before she awakens in a hospital bed is Roger saying “Why her”? Now Roger has disappeared.

Lauren calls Nick, Roger’s estranged brother to help her locate her husband. What Nick discovers about Roger blows him away and has him racing all over the place on a wild goose chase to find his brother and reunite him with his family. The truth about what truly happened to Roger will leave you speechless.

Mr. Finder is back with his latest thriller, Vanished. I first tried Mr. Finder’s work when I read Power Play. After that I knew I had to make sure I read more of his books. Vanished is a one sit read….literally! I sat down and started reading this book and before I knew it the time had flown by and I was done. I can say one good thing about Mr. Finder; I always know what I can expect from him…a good story line, good characters, and a nice recommendation from me. I am anxiously waiting what he will come up with next.


Linda Jacobs said…
My kind of book! As usual your well-written review has intrigued me!

And I like the irony of his name and the name of the novel!
I just might check into this one. Need a good distraction right about now.

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