She's Back...Evil at Heart!

Evil at Heart is the third book in this wildly popular series featuring serial killer, Gretchen Lowell and detective Archie Sheridan. In Sweetheart, Gretchen promised Archie as he was dying for the second time that she would not kill anymore people. Archie held her to that promise.

Flash forward to the present. Gretchen is gone but not forgotten. Besides, who could ever forget the beautiful, sinister Gretchen Lowell? She is on almost every magazine cover, on the lips of very person in Portland and there is even a book about her. So she may be gone but she has etched a special place in Archie’s heart. After his second close encounter with Gretchen, Archie admitted himself into a psychiatrist hospital. Things have been pretty quiet till now…stuffed in a toilet at a rest stop was the pieces of internal organs as well as a pair of eyeballs cut out and taken from some poor soul. It seems that Gretchen has broken her promise. Archie wasn’t convinced at first that Gretchen is responsible till he sees the hearts. The bathroom wall is covered in hearts. Archie is ready to put a stop to Gretchen one and for all.

Evil at Heart is just a gruesome at its two predecessors. I have to give it up to Chelsea Cain as she definitely knows how to get the heart racing and the adrenaline pumping through my veins. I really like these books. Archie and Gretchen are great. Though Archie and Gretchen do make quite the pair…She is like poison and he is the syringe that takes her all in. I have one issue with this book. There is not enough Gretchen in it. Yes, I felt her presence and she did make an appearance at the end of the story but I wanted her to be featured more like she was in Heart Sick. I do have to say that after reading this book and seeing how messed up her victims are, I would rather be dead than survive at her hands.

Check out an excerpt of this book here


Literary Feline said…
No! I haven't read the first two yet. There can't be a third. Not yet. I guess I better start reading . . .
penney said…
Sounds good I'll have to read the others too.
Cheryl said…
Literary Feline - I know how you feel that are some books where I am like wait I can't catch up reading.

Penney - If you really like grusome thrillers than you will enjoy this series.
Diane said…
I can't wait to read this one. I enjoyed the others, and i miss Gretchen LOL

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