I want to thank Natalie for sending me a copy of this book to review. Author Cayla Kluver is only 16 years old.

The people of Hytanica lived in peace that is till the evil Cokyrians started attacking them. The strange thing is that the Cokyrians were only interested in the children. One by one the children disappeared. The King at that time turned his head the other way and refused to do anything about the Cokyrians. Of course the king could no longer ignore the disappearances when the children within the kingdom’s walls also disappear. Suddenly with no explanation, the Cokyrians stop their attack and leave. The King fearing that the Cokyrians will return ask his priests what he should do. The priests advise the King that the sacrifice of blood will protect the kingdom. The blood can’t be just any blood…it has to be blood of both royal and innocent. The King kills his son and spreads the blood in the four corners of the kingdom.

Princess Alera was born right before the end of the war between the Hytanica and the Cokyrians. Her father is King Adrik. Alera is coming of age. She has just turned seventeen. Her father wants her married by her next birthday. He has her husband picked out. His name is Steldor and he is the son of the Captain of the guard, Cannan. Alera can’t stand Steldor. Steldor is weak, condescending, and too much of a ladies man. When a mysterious man by the name of Narian appears, Alera becomes intrigued by him. He has extensive knowledge about the Cokyrians as well as a different point of view on how women should act. The more time Alera spends with Narian, she starts to realize that she does have a different choice than just her father’s. Alera will have to be careful as any steps she makes now could change the kingdom.

Legacy is the first book in this trilogy. I was surprised that the story, Ms. Kluver wrote was somewhat dark. This is not a bad thing. Though I didn’t really know much about the author or this book, when I heard the word historical, I was expecting a light-hearted romantic story with a Princess, a Prince and a happy ending. What I got instead was a Princess, a Prince and a cliff hanging ending. I liked Alera because she wasn’t spoiled but open minded. Steldor on the other hand, is someone that I couldn’t stand. As much as I did enjoy Alera and the darker feel this book had, there were parts of the story that I found chunky and dry. When I came across a part like this, my mind would start to wander. Anyone looking to try something new might like Legacy.


naida said…
I'll be reading this one soon as well.
Great review. Interesting that it's got a darker side to it.
Cheryl said…
naida -I Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this book.

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