City of Silver

I want to thank Anne with St. Martin's Press for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Inez de la Morada is the daughter of Francisco Morada, the Mayor of Potosi. Potosi is a city of many riches. Inez has found the man she wants to marry. Her father disapproves of her choice. Inez seeks shelter at the convent, Santa Isabella de los Santos Milagros. Mother Abbess Maria Santa Hilda takes a liking to Inez and watches over her. When Mother Abbess Maria goes to check up on Inez, she finds the young woman dead. Inez’s death does not go unnoticed, especially when her father is the Mayor. Soon Mother Abbess Maria finds herself in the middle of an investigation that has people looking at her as the prime suspect. She must learn the truth about Inez’s death before it is too late.

City of Silver is Annamaria Alfieri’s debut novel. She really made the characters come alive in this book. The only issue I had was there were so many characters coming at me very fast at the beginning and this translated to me having a bit of a problem keeping all the various people apart. From the beginning the reader knows what really happened to Inez. What I did enjoy through was seeing how this story would play out. It reminded me of a Spanish soap opera. The vivid picture Ms. Alfieri painted for me was so rich in culture that I could excuse getting a little lost. If you are looking for something new to read than give City of Silver a try, it just might sparkle for you.


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