Blog Tour for Bleak History

I want to thank Sarah with Simon and Schuster for letting me be a part of this tour.

Gabriel Bleak is a very powerful individual. His paranormal skills are off the charts. He can manipulate supernatural energies and even communicate with other paranormals inhabiting the Hidden. The Hidden is a place that stores all the energy of life forms on planet, Earth. Bleak has learned to control his powers and put them to good use. He works as a bounty hunter or “skip tracer”. Bleaks abilities don’t go unnoticed.

The CCA considers him dangerous and he has appeared on their radar. The CCA’s mission is to capture him and take advantage of him for their own needs. The CCA hopes to tap into Bleak’s powers, so that they may access the Hidden.

Bleak has a plan of his own to fight the CCA. It will require the assistance of the population of an underground paranormal group known as the Shadow Community. This is one battle that will have sci-fi, paranormal, and urban fans everywhere cheering for. Bleak is the new face of superheroes.

I valued the fact that Bleak History had a darker, edgier, techno feel that it. Mr. Shirley did a good job infusing all of these elements into this book. Bleak may not be your typical guy h makes for an interesting character, even his name is unique. While Bleak could hold his own, there were other characters in this story as well and they unfortunately could not do the same. This was a bummer because I was hoping the enemies that Bleak took on would be as equal a match. Though I do hope to see Bleak again.


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