Thanksgiving at the Inn

I want to thank Harrison with Bancroft Press for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Heath Wellington III and his father, Heath Wellington Junior are having a hard time communicating with each other, especially since his mother left and his father won’t listen to him. Heath has been suspended from school but it wasn’t his fault. Of course his father doesn’t believe him. Heath can’t wait till he can leave home.

When they receive new that Heath Wellington Senior has passed away and in order to claim their fortune they have to run the bed and breakfast that Senior left behind for three months, otherwise they can kiss their fortune good bye. Heath has never known his grandfather. His father was estranged with his own father and couldn’t wait to get away. After they arrive at the B&B, they meet a group of very interesting characters.

Thanksgiving at the Inn is author, Tim Whitney’s debut novel. This had a nice story to it as well as some interesting characters. Though of all the characters in this book, I didn’t really have a favorite. This is because no one engaged me that much. Something good about Thanksgiving at the Inn was that it did portray a good message that life is too precious to hold onto grudges.


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