Rizzo's War

Rizzo and his new partner, Mike McQueen are adjusting to one another. Rizzo is a veteran NYPD cop. His old partner found himself needing some money and owing a bookie, lots of money, in addition to drawing red flags with Internal Affairs for some of his actions on duty. Mike is quiet and by the books; whereas Rizzo makes his own rules and doesn’t care what anyone else says.

When Rosanne, the mentally unstable daughter of a famous city councilman goes missing, it is up to Rizzo and Mike to locate her. Their investigation leads to the dark, shady part of Brooklyn. This duo better watch their backs, as someone does not appreciate all their questions.

Rizzo’s War is the debut novel by Lou Manfredo. Though Rizzo has a tough as nails type of personality and makes his own rules, he grew on me towards the end of the book. Working as a cop, especially a NYPD cop, you need to be the type of person that does not let anything effect you. I liked Rizzo and his partner, Mike McQueen but let me a little uninterested at times. The suspects and other people that Mike and Rizzo investigated or interviewed needed to be just as interesting as Rizzo. I didn’t feel like they were which would have helped liven up the story. The story line was for Rizzo and Mike to find Rosanne to be found but it seemed like the story focused on the issues Rizzo is dealing with from the fall out with his old parent and Internal Affairs leaning on Rizzo. I do plan to check out the next Rizzo novel.


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