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My review

Detective Andrea Haney has been working on case the case of fairy dust gone wrong for three months. She is not about to let Detective Darren O’Connell waltz into the picture and steal the show. It is up to Detectives Haney and O’Connell to track down and stop the distribution of the fairy dust. This is not your normal dust. This fairy dust is like meth. When taken in small doses it can cause hallucinogens but when taken in larger doses, the side effects can lead to hysteria, manic fits and even death.

Andrea is hoping that her abilities to project out of her body will give her an advantage n locating the big boss. That is easier said than done as Darren knows just how to push all of Andrea’s buttons.

Spirited by Cari Z is just that…spirited! This book is a fun, magical read. It has something for everyone…from paranormal elements to mystery and romance. I thought it was funny to see how Darren kept pushing Andrea’s buttons. What is great about Andrea is that she didn’t just take it but she could also dish it. After reading this book, Cari Z now has me sprinting to the nearest bookstore to check out more of her books.


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