Sugar Time

I want to thank Jane Adams for sending me a copy of her book to review.

Charlotte "Sugar" Kane is on the verge of making a comeback. It has been years since she last produced a hit television show. Unfortunately life hands her an unexpected surprise. She ends up in the hospital with a medical condition that if not treated properly could kill Sugar.

It is not easy being in your middle fifties, especially when you are a woman in Hollywood. That's why Sugar won't let this speed bump stop her from her dream once again. Besides Sugar's assistant would be more than happy to swoop in and steal Sugar's idea. That is why Sugar decides to keep her medical condition a secret from everyone she loves.

Sugar meets the most amazing man..his name is Alex Carroll. Alex and Sugar first met in the nursery wing of the hospital. Sugar and Alex share chemistry together. How long will Sugar be able to keep her condition a secret from Alex. Also how will Sugar react when she learns that Alex also has a secret?

I liked the fact that these characters were real people that readers could relate too. Though expect for the two main characters, everyone else were a little self-absorbed. Sugar had to deal with getting older. Her and Alex made a perfect couple together. Alex is such a gentleman. He allowed Sugar to deal with her problems but also showed her that life is too short not to live it like it was your last. As much as I enjoyed this book, towards the end of the story, my interest started to falter and I couldn't get engaged again. For anyone who is looking for a quick read with good characters then give Sugar Time a try.

Check out Jane Adams website and read the good news about her book being optioned to be turned into a movie!


bookjourney said…
This is on the TBR... like your review!
Cheryl said…
Thanks Bookjourney. Glad you liked my review. Hope you enjoy the book

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