Healing Luke

I want to thank Danielle with Sourcebooks for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Abby is an occupational therapist. She was about to get married when she found her fiancé with another woman. Abby needed to get away for a little while. She decided to go on her honeymoon alone. Hey, why not when she isn’t going to get a refund.

Luke and his brother Aaron used to compete for women. They were a pair of players, only thinking about one night stands. That was than and this is now. Luke was in an accident that left him without the sight of his right eye and scars. Luke is a changed man both physically and emotionally.

Luke’s father, Bart and Aaron can’t stand to see Luke mope around. When they learn Abby is an occupational therapist, they convince her to stay for a while and help Luke. Luke isn’t the only one that needs healing. Can Luke and Abby help each other?

Healing Luke is just what the doctor ordered. Luke was a grumpy guy and someone I wouldn’t want to hang around with but due to his situation, I could understand why and forgive him. Of course though it didn’t hurt that Luke is good looking. Abby has the patience of a saint. The words Abby and Luke didn’t speak were way hotter than the ones they did speak. Just a look or a touch can be sexy. I like that Luke started out liking the typical blond model type girls and by the end of middle of the book, he saw Abby for who she was…a smart, pretty, loving woman. Abby really grew into a butterfly.


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