Whose's side will you be on?

I am proud to introduce what I know will be a great new series for all to enjoy. The book is called Insatiable Desire by Rita Herron.

FBI agent, Vincent Valtrez has been called back home to Tennessee. There has been what the local psychic believes to be a string of murders. Vincent has strived to make sure he never had to set foot in Black Forest. Legend has it that evil lives in Black Forest and everyone who has ever went into the forest was never seen or heard from again, that is except for Vincent.

Many years ago something happened to Vincent in the forest and her survived barely. Now not only does he have to deal with going back home but he also has to work side by side with the one woman who makes his heart race as well as makes Vincent want to act like a bad, bad boy. So just who is this woman that has Vincent all twisted up in knots? Her name is Clarissa King. She claims that she can communicate with the dead. Clarissa and Vincent team up to bring down the killer. Unfortunately they will have their hands full as this killer really is evil.

Vincent and Clarissa were great characters. They had good depth as well as personality to them. Plus it didn’t hurt any the hot steamy chemistry they shared together. Once I started reading Insatiable Desire, I found I couldn’t put it down. I was sad when it ended. I have to say that I have read a few of Rita Herron’s book and enjoyed them a lot but Insatiable Desire is my first paranormal romance novel I have read by her. After reading this book I have to say I like this new, darker, and edgier side of Ms. Herron. Insatiable Desire is a wonderful kickoff to what I know will be a successful new series; The Demonborn by Ms. Herron.

Purchase the book here http://www.hachettebookgroupusa.com/books_9780446199476.htm

To learn more about this new series from Rita Herron go here http://www.thedemonborn.com/index.html


Becky LeJeune said…
You know, I picked this one up in the bookstore the other day but then felt major buyer's remorse and put it back without buying. Guess I'll have to reconsider.
naida said…
sounds like a good series. every time I visit your blog, I want to add more books to my TBR lol
J. Kaye Oldner said…
Oh Becky! Go back and pick it up. I would have...and that's why I avoid bringing a credit card to a book store! It's cash or nothing...lol!

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