I swear to forever hold my peace in Matrimony.

I was delighted when Mr. Henkin emailed me to ask if I would be interested in reading his book, Matrimony. You can imagine my bigger surprise when the book arrived and it was autographed. Thank you Mr. Henkin.

Matrimony is also a New York Times Notable Book of the year. I will be hosting a contest the end of September for an autographed copy of Matrimony. So come back again to win.

Now my review

Julian Wainwright comes from a very wealthy and privileged family. Julian wants to branch out from his family and make a name for himself. So Julian heads off to Graymont College. Julian hopes to become a famous writer. Once at Graymont College, Julian meets and becomes friends with Carter Heinz, a fellow student. Unfortunately their friendship is a rocky one. Carter grew up with his mother having to save every penny they received. Carter’s mother even used to buy Carter reversible clothing to save money. Carter resents Julian for being better off then him. To make matters worse, Julian and Carter both fall for the same girl…Mia; a nice girl who comes from a Jewish family. Julian ends up meeting Mia first. Julian end Mia end up falling for each other.

Mia and Julian start dating. Everything is going well between them till Mia finds out her mother has breast cancer. Luckily Julian is there to lend a supporting shoulder to Mia while she and her family go through these trying times. Years later when Mia and Julian attend their school reunion; Julian reconnects with Carter. Carter ended up working for an internet company and became a millionaire. Carter also reveals a secret to Julian, with will change things for both of them.

I did like the story that Matrimony told about family, friendship, and love and lost. I have to say that I liked Julian and Mia better then Carter. For me I felt more connected with Julian and Mia’s characters and their story then I did Carter’s. I felt like Carter had more of a secondary part in this book. I know that the story was really more Mia and Julian’s but I just wished I could have associated more with Carter as well. Other then this fact, I still enjoyed reading Matrimony. Mr. Henkin has a very descriptive as well as easy-flowing writing style. That is why I found myself having no problems reading this Matrimony from start to finish. I look forward to reading more from Mr. Henkin.

Visit Mr. Henkin's website here http://www.joshuahenkin.com

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Linda Jacobs said…
This sounds interesting. Maybe the writer himself didn't like Carter, as well, so didn't develop his character like he did the other two.

I'll be looking for it at the bookstore.
Dar said…
Great review Cheryl. I've heard so many good things about this book. I will definitely be reading this one soon.
Becky LeJeune said…
I had mixed feelings about this one in regards to marriage! It was a great book, but it kind of depressed me as far as getting married goes.
naida said…
I liked this one too, and I do agree with you, I liked Mia and Julian's characters best.
Kathleen said…
Sounds really good :)

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