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Ok, So I know I am suppose to feature all my new finds on Friday Finds but really when you think about it. It's now really a new find as I first heard about this author and book from J. Kaye. LOL. Actually J. Kaye was nice enough to pass my information along to Mrs. Nowell Butler . So you can imagine my surprise when Joylene emailed me asking if I wanted to review her book Dead Witness.

Valerie McCormick had won a Mother’s Day contest for two fun filed days in Seattle. If she had known that winning would have her running for her life then she probably won’t have gone. Valerie went down to the docks to take some pictures when she witnesses the murder of two men. Valerie discovers that the two men were undercover FBI agents who were working a case to bring down of Latin’s most famous drug lord’s Miguel DeOlmos. Now DeOlmos is after Valerie and her family but the FBI is going to try their hardest to protect Valerie. DeOlmos tracks Valerie down and almost succeeds in killing her. Now Valerie knows that she will have to take matters into her own hands. It’s a battle of wits in addition to who has time in their favor.

I found it amazing just to what extremes a mother will go to protect her family. Valerie’s character is a very strong woman with a fierce personality. The story line was a very exciting one with all the action and adventure. It seemed like though that Valerie was better equipped to take on Miguel DeOlmos then the FBI were. This is why I think I found Dead Witness so good was because I wanted to see what Valerie would do next. I was pleasantly surprised to find I couldn’t put Dead Witness down. Dead Witness can by classified as a great read. This is all due to the author Joylene Nowell Butler. Keep up the good job.

Information about Joylene.

Joylene Nowell Butler, Métis Canadian, has been writing for 25 years. A retired emergency response member, Joylene belongs to DeadlyProse, an elite online writer’s group. In the past she has belonged to such prestigious online workshops as Novelpro and Novels-L, and has critiqued such prize-winning novels as The Race by David Shields, Deadly Enterprise by Christopher Hoare, The Jesus Thief by JR Lankford, and Throwaway Piece by Jo Ann Hernandez. Joylene was also the primary critique consultant on the soon to be released The Scrimshaw by Ric Wasley. Joylene lives with her husband, their 4 cats and 1 dog on Cluculz Lake in central B.C. and is currently working on her 6th novel. In her spare time, she teaches Tai Chi.

To arrange a book signing or interview, contact Joylene Nowell Butler at

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Fiction / Suspense/ Thriller/ General
Trade Paperback
Publication Date: Jul-2008
Price: $19.95
Size: 6 x 9

Author: Joylene Nowell Butler
ISBN: 978-1-4357-3249-0
292 Pages
Available from Books & Co., Brookside Resort, Cluculz Lake Crafts & Gifts, Coles Books,, & Vanderhoof Dept. Store.
For phone orders call 1-250-441-3343

To place orders for the book, contact:,, Books & Co. 1685 3rd Ave., Brookside Resort - Highway 16th, or Vanderhoof Dept. Store 2465 Burrard Street, Vanderhoof.


Anonymous said…
Great review! Glad you enjoyed the book. :)
The Bookworm said…
sounds like a really good read.
enjoy your sunday :o)
Sound like a really good story - thanks for your review!
I'm thrilled that you liked it, Cheryl. Can't thank you enough. Have a wonderful weekend.
Glad to see you getting all these good reviews Joylene. Mine's on the way and so is the Blogcritics interview, once it passes inspection.

Chris H>

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