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Alan Davis, an American travels to Afghanistan to take out a very powerful leader. Alan's best friend, Dan Millar was killed on an airplane that was bombed by Islamic terrorists. Before he can complete his task, Alan is captured,tortured and held for random by the Taliban. Alan's friends and fellow OWLS devise a plan to rescue Alan. The OWLS are a group men both American and Muslims. Their goal is to assassinate terrorist leaders all over the world. The OWLS end up going everywhere from America, Israel, Italy and finally Afghanistan. The OWLS were formed after a terrible and sad time in America...9/11. When a group of people wanted to fight back but felt like the government wasn't taking action quickly enough. While the OWLS have been very successful on accomplishing their missions, their biggest one yet may end up a bust before they even get started. Plus all Alan can do is sit and wonder if he will even it out alive in Afghanistan.

When I first read the summary for this book, I will admit I wasn't sure if I wanted to read The Owl and The Hawk. After I read that the author John Errett is co-founder of United Intelligence, INC (UNITEL) and vice president of strategic services fr Conair Corporations, I thought ok now a guy like this writing a book on terrorism and how 9/11 could have been prevented that has my interest. Ok while I have to say I did put this book done a lot, whenever I came back to it I did find it very intriguing and upset with the way people are treated in Afghanistan by leaders like Al Qaeda and his followers. The OWL and THE Hawk was a good book. At the end of the book it talks about a plan called the Privilege of Passage Plan which if it was to be put into place could help prevent another 9/11 attack. To read more about this plan and how one Americans actions changed thing then check out The Owl and The Hawk by John Errett.

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Anonymous said…
Oh no! I forgot all about this. That's the bad news. The good news is I actually do have a Friday Find!

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