Time to get Down and Dirty

Susannah is hoping that the second times the charm. In ten days, Susannah is getting married again. Before that can happen, Susannah’s soon to be ex-husband comes back into the picture. Ryan Sanderson is the Denver Maverick’s star quarterback. He is ready to make some changes in his life and that includes starting with his wife, Susannah. Ryan tells Susannah that if she agrees to spend the remaining ten days with him….uninterrupted then he will allow the divorce to go through. As much as Susannah and her fiancé, Henry does not like the idea, Susannah agrees. Besides it’s only ten days with her soon to be ex-husband. What’s the worse that can happen?

For me the characters in Line of Scrimmage, both Susannah and Ryan are what made the book so enjoyable for me. The chemistry they shared between them as well as the personalities about them was great. Ryan is every woman’s fantasy...a hot, sexy, macho football player. I have not read many sports romance books, in fact I can count how many I have read on one hand but after reading Marie Force’s Line of Scrimmage; I just might have to read more. Ms. Force is a new author for me and such a delight. She has created the winning goal with Line of Scrimmage. I will be reading more books from this author.

For more information on this author go to www.mariesullivanforce.com


Linda Jacobs said…
I love sports so I'm not sure why I haven't read more of these books, either! I'll just have to be on the lookout for this one!

Well-written review!
naida said…
that book cover alone would get me to buy a copy...lol
this sounds like a good one. even though i'm on a book ban, I may have to add this to my wish list for later.
J. Kaye Oldner said…
You and me both! She has another book coming out in 2009.

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