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I have read good things about this book, so when Ms. Blevins offered to send six copies out to readers on LibraryThing I jumped at the chance. So glad I did.

Years ago when Hannah Cameron’s husband, Alan came back from the war wounded he wasn’t alone. Alan was accompanied by a little girl named Maggie. Maggie was no ordinary girl. She was the only lone survivor of her town’s massacre. Now the years have past and Maggie is all grown up and Hannah and Alan are gone. The townsfolk have a name for Maggie; they call her “Dark Maggie”. At first when people started calling her that it was because she had dark hair but now the name has a whole new meaning... it’s because the townsfolk believe that Maggie is cursed and possess the dark eye.

One day an outsider plays a visit to town. He offers Maggie a chance to make her own way in the land of freedom, known as America. Maggie agrees and sets sail for America. Once there, Maggie is bought by a man named Seth Martin. This is when the adventure really starts for Maggie. Maggie is ready to experience all that American has to offer, including a handsome man named Tom Roberts.

What a bunch of interesting and intriguing characters, Ms. Blevins introduces first time readers to in her book Midwife of the Blue Ridge. I would categorize Midwife of the Blue Ridge as an Early American, Romance novel. Instantly I feel in love with this book as well as the story it told. Which is surprising to me as I enjoy reading historical novels but most have been more along the lines of Scottish, English, French, Ireland novels…notice a pattern here, not to say that there is anything wrong with these types of books; it’s just that I can’t remember many Early American books where I have enjoyed reading them so much as I did Ms. Blevins. Midwife of the Blue Ridge is Ms. Blevins first novel but I am sure we will hear from her again soon.

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Kathleen said…
Oooh can't wait to read this :)

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