Book Review: The Salvation


Don't you know better than to invite a vampire inside?

I've burned with the dragon God of Fire. I've soared with the fallen angel God of Air. I've danced with the fae God of Earth.
Now, I'm sleeping in a coffin with the vampire God of Blood.

Perhaps I'd rather drown in the vampire's dark tide.

From vampire castes and cults determined to claim me, the danger and threats are greatest in the Court of Hollows. None more than Merikh himself.

He's determined to break me. I will break myself.
He wants to drown me. I will dive into his dark sea.

I won't stop fighting for Merikh. I trust our broken hearts may bond with every scar he gives me. I trust he will keep my heart beating until I hold his soul in my hands and conquer this Curse once and for all.

I will become the blood that writes the salvation of his soul...

Quintessa faces her darkest trial yet in The Salvation, book four in Her Monstrous Boys series. A dark fantasy romance inspired by the myth of Cupid and Psyche. If you love fast-burn dark romance, morally gray monsters, and the sassy sweetheart they’ll burn worlds for, you will fall hard for touch-starved Quintessa and her beastly boys in this taboo series full of triggers.

With a dark and depraved Court of Hollows, a bloodthirsty vampire god—magic crosses, blood rituals, an altar of sacrifice, and vampire arena battles, The Salvation is perfect for fans of the Vicious Lost Boys Series.

My Review

From book one I instantly gravitated towards Merikh, So I was more than ready for this book. With each book, it gets darker and dark. This book is so dark, but I would not expect anything less from my man or I should say vampire. Quin is one very, very lucky woman. 

I definitely got my fill of Merikh with this book. Although can you really get enough? The answer is No. Him and his pierced d!ck. Quin has truly been reborn into a Queen. She has endured so much and grown to be quite the fighter. 

There is a touching moment with her and Qora. Shout out to Bartie. He was a nice addition to this story and brought about a bit of comedic relief. Looking forward to book five.


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