Book Review: It Kills Me


My father has chosen me to succeed him in the family business.

But if I want the job, it comes with stipulations. And one of those stipulations is to never mix business with pleasure. AKA, don't sleep with anyone on the job. My father leads by example, and not once have I ever seen him get involved with anyone, not even his beautiful assistant. That was an easy rule to follow...until Axel.

Axel is an expert distributor, someone who knows how to get our product past the ruthless regulations mandated by the government. My father has never had a partner, but he makes an exception for Axel because he's good at what he does.

But the second our eyes meet...there's fire. He's by far the most handsome man I've ever seen, and his I couldn't care less attitude makes me weak. But I put up boundaries and reject his advances.

But this man doesn't stop until he gets what he wants.

My Review

OMG. I absolutely loved this book so freaking much. I speed read this book so fast as I literally could not tear myself away from it. This book is an all-nighter five star, must read!

Axel is the type of "bad" man that your father warned you about but can't resist falling for anyways. He may have come off as cocky but everything that came out of his mouth is the truth. He is not boyfriend material. No. He is something even better...the guy that would k!ll for you. 

I love Scarlett. She is a powerful woman. She matched perfectly to Axel. Their first time together and every time afterwards just got hotter and hotter. 

While this book is about Axel and Scarlett, I did want to take a moment to mention her father. Instant love for him. The way that he cares for Scarlett and always makes time for her had me loving him so much. Scarlett is his pride and joy. 

I am so ready for book two. I need it now!


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