Book Review: Brave Howie and the Terrible Giant


The kingdom is in great danger...can anyone save it?

The kingdom of Snee had always been a peaceful and happy place. But in recent years a terrible giant has tormented the kingdom and troubled the people. He storms unexpectedly from his lair in the dark swampy forest and destroys their crops, homes, and wagons. The King is desperate and sends out pleas for heroes to end the giant's reign of terror. Mighty knights and heroes come from near and far, but none can defeat the giant. Then one day a smallish unimpressive boy answers the call for help.

Brave Howie does not look like a hero in armor that is a little to large for his small stature, and the people doubt his offer. Can this unlikely knight defeat the giant? How can one so small make a difference? He is the only one that thinks he has a chance.

Join Brave Howie in his dangerous quest into the dark and fearsome swampy forest. Will he succeed or meet his doom?

My Review

I am familiar with Mr. Burbidge thanks to his StarPassage series. I really enjoyed that series. So, when I learned that he was coming out with this children's book, I had to read it. 

This story is kind of like David and Goliath. Yet, it features Brave Howie and Sidney of Snee. Brave Howie truly earned his name. All of the villagers were afraid of Sidney but not Brave Howie. I like the concept that instead of fighting Sidney Brave Howie instead helped Sidney. Sidney ended up then making friends of the town of Snee with everyone. 

The lesson is "No matter how difficult life sometimes can be, a kind word and an offer to help someone, can go a long way."


Thank you for your thoughtful review. The message Brave Howie carries makes it more than just a nice story. It is a message children young and old can and should emulate in a world where such examples are becoming harder to find.

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