Book Review: The Beginning of Our Ending


A Tale of Love and Loss

Skye Rose met the love of her life, Desmond Walker, at a college party during her third year attending Maple University. She was immediately smitten when she laid eyes on him. At that moment, Skye knew they'd be in each other's lives forever. Everything was falling into place for the two love birds until they experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage. Losing their unborn child changed everything, including their fairytale relationship.

Tired of moving through life as if nothing happened, Skye asks for a break and ends up meeting someone new, putting an official end to what she thought would be forever.

Fast forward six months. Skye goes to buy pregnancy tests. The last person she expected to run into was her ex. Now, every emotion she thought she'd buried deep resurfaces, creating a tug-of-war between her heart and mind.

My Review

Skye and Desmond were meant for each other. However, their love travels a path of a very rocky road with lots of detours. Luckily, they have good friends Emily and Jordan to help support them along the way. 

The style of this book tells Skye and Desmon's story with the past and present. So, it really draws me into their history. While I did not appreciate that Skye did not forth right come out and break up with her current boyfriend when she realized that her feelings for Desmond were still strong, I do understand her dilemma. 

I do feel like the breakup for these two was actually for the best. They both were able to grow and as the saying goes "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."


Mystica said…
I understand her dilemma too. Not an easy decision either way.

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