Book Review: Going Down


Colin Rush is an overworked hotshot at a Big Four consulting firm. His neighbor Emma Smith is a cutesy but reserved first grade teacher who’s never so much as glanced in his direction. Needless to say, Colin’s positive that Emma’s not his type, and, in turn, Emma thinks Colin is an intimidating player, and probably a jerk. Frankly, they avoid each other at all costs.

But they do have one thing in they both hate Valentine’s Day.

So, when a rainy-day power outage traps Emma and Colin inside their building's elevator, they inadvertently become each others’ defacto (and begrudging) Valentines. Now they have no choice but to sit in each other's presence...and maybe even find out what else they have in common, too. Will close quarters allow Cupid to work some holiday magic between them? Or will the elevator be the only thing going down on February 14th?

My Review

I love this spicy enemies to lovers novella. Cat always knows how to bring the heat! I have read several of her books now and let me say that I welcome the idea of being "trapped" with someone. 

I loved the whole concept of Emma being so prim and proper. She is a teacher but same concept of a sexy librarian. Underneath her camisole is a wild, passionate woman wanting to be unleashed. Colin helped her to let this side out. 

OMG, the hotness that was taking place inside the elevator could have melted the Valentine's Day box of chocolates that Emma bought.  Whether you love or hate Valentine's Day, you can't go wrong with reading this novella! Going Down by Cat Wynn is the perfect gift to treat yourself with!


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