Book Review: The Boy Next Door


Nellie Belanger never intended to start university as a virgin. But even though she’s determined to have her first time before the summer is over, she has two requirements:

1. She doesn’t want to end up in a relationship.
2. She wants it to be a little more special than “we met at a nightclub and I’m pretty sure your name starts with an N.”

Which shouldn’t be that hard to find… right? After all, all she wants is a no-strings-attached hook up that isn’t completely anonymous.

Someone who she can have fun with and who won’t spread rumours about her.

Someone who would be a bit more memorable than a generic guy in a backwards hat that looks completely different once they step out of the dim lighting of a bar.

Someone who knows what he’s doing so her first time won’t suck as much as everyone says the first time does.

Someone kind of like the boy next door, her best friend’s older brother with the great smile and reputation for sleeping around.

And who just so happens to be the guy she’s crushed on since she was a kid…

The Boy Next Door is the spicy prequel to the If You Can series, taking place 3 years before Kiss Me If You Can, a spicy unconventional romance coming April 12, 2024. Please see book interior or author’s website for all content warnings.

My Review

I absolutely loved this book. Nellie, Anne-Marie, and her brother, JP are great. Their first meeting of each other when Nellie and Anne-Marie were four and JP, nine did not go over so well. In fact, at that time Nellie was declaring that she was done with men as JP had ruined her brand-new light up shoes. 

Anne-Marie is who every girl wants as their best friend. She had me laughing and wanting to hang out with her. The way she kept pushing Nellie towards her brother, JP is charming. I love that she was supportive towards the idea. 

Nellie and JP are good together. Except for the jerk move that JP did to Nellie. This prequel definitely got me very excited to read Kiss If Me You Can. 


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