Book Review: Dark Corruption



Filling in for my sister was not my idea. She breaks her leg and needs me, as her twin, to stand in as a performer at The Loft, a club for deviants. The biggest problem--how can I entertain them when I've never even been touched?

Ewen McGowan, the club's owner, makes me feel things I've always wanted to keep hidden. He draws my tears from me with the most exquisite care, makes my body crave more and more. I shouldn't want his pain.


It's been so long since I've felt anything. Until she walks into my club. What starts as figuring out what was different about my employee turns into a dangerous game of obsession. Being away from her makes me burn, and I'll do anything to get close to her. Whether she's aware of it or not.

The deeper my obsession with my little liar grows, the more I'll do to make her mine. Beneath the shadows, other danger lurks, threatening my club, family, and Cora. I need to find out who's threatening my organisation before I lose more than just my heart.

Dark Corruption is the final book in the McGowan Mafia Series, and can be read as a standalone. It's high spice, dark mafia romance with an obsessed, morally grey hero.

My Review

Yes, Yes, a million times YES! I absolutely loved this book. Ewen can teach me all the lessons he wants. He gives off double "D" vibes. As in Dom/Daddy. Also touch her and d!e. When he gave Cora her first "O", I was spent and felt like I needed a stiff drink and smoke afterwards. I don't even smoke. 

Cora realizing what k!nks she is into is hot. Each moment that Ewen and Cora shared together got spicer and spicer. I craved them together. Although, if it was not for Cora's twin, Ruby being laid up with her leg, they would never have met. Which, I did like Ruby as well. She may have been tough in the beginning but by the end, she had shed her tough exterior. 

Sad to see this series end but excited for what the author comes out what next. 


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