Book Review: Divinely Dramatic


In short: grumpy-sunshine romance and ghostly mystery collide in a community theater. groovy, artsy, vintage 60’s vibe

 Vintage fashionista Marcy Alexander reluctantly agrees to costume a period-era play and ends up with more drama than one girl can handle. While revitalizing her squelched artistic desires, she must harness her aura-reading ability to untangle a ghostly mystery from 1966.

Gorgeous-but-gruff director Mike Figueroa flares with irritated crimson whenever they interact. His goal is to produce the best show possible to thwart his betting / prank-driven buddies. The fill-in, kooky costumer provides more hindrance than help as they’re drawn to and annoyed by each other.

Dogged by a persistent ghost and an ailing mom urging her to pursue her dream career, will Marcy solve the mystery from the past before she figures out the riddles of her own heart?

My Review

While, this book is second in this series, it can be read as a standalone. I like the mysteries featured in these books. That is what draws me to them. I have to admit that I enjoyed this book much more than the first. 

In this book, Marcy is the featured character. She is assistant to Tess, who owns Divine Vintage. It was nice to get to know Marcy better and see her shine. I found the ability that she could see auras intriguing. 

The touch of romance between she and Mike was sweet. I was feeling the chemistry between them both. They grew closer as they solved the mystery of the ghost haunting the theater. Additionally, Marcy solved her dilemma with her heart and career. 


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