Book Review: Hypnotized by Love


The power of suggestion does wonders for the heart in an absolutely captivating romantic comedy by Sariah Wilson, the bestselling author of The Chemistry of Love.

Hypnotist Savannah Sinclair is known for helping clients overcome their deep-rooted issues, from anxiety to addiction. But her nontraditional approach also attracts plenty of skeptics? Including her high school nemesis and rival, Mason Beckett, who just so happens to be the boy who broke her heart.

Mason’s life hasn’t gone according to plan. His latest novel was a flop, and the only gig he can land is writing a scathing exposé of his hometown hypnotist, Savannah. But in order to write an authentic article, he has to be a willing participant. Hypnosis is the last thing he expected: he’s shedding his negative nature and opening himself up to new experiences…and when a fire alarm interrupts their session, Mason walks out into the real world entranced and sporting a sunny disposition and a tendency to say yes.

Hypnotized Mason is fearless, revealing things he’s never told a soul, acting completely out of character, and leading Savannah on a frantic chase to keep him safe. He likes his new self. The problem is, so does Savannah. She can’t fall in love with a man who’s in a trance, but can she keep him still long enough to get him to snap out of it?

My Review

This is a quick and hilarious read. Savannah is a hoot; especially when she has had a few too many to drink. She is a fun drunk. Although, she learned that crawling through the doggie door when you were younger vs. as an adult is not the same. 

I loved this quote by Savannah..."Nachos are basically just tacos that didn't have their life together."

Can I say that I wanted to hate Mason in the beginning because of what he did to Savannah, but I couldn't. When he explained the reason for breaking Savannah's heart, I could give him grace. Mason is a sweetheart.

To quote Mason and his love for Savannah..."You have been hypnotizing me since the day I came back."

About Sariah Wilson

Sariah Wilson is the USA Today bestselling author of The Chemistry of Love, The Paid Bridesmaid, The Seat Filler, Roommaid, Just a Boyfriend, the Royals of Monterra series, and the #Lovestruck novels. She happens to be madly, passionately in love with her soul mate and is a fervent believer in happily ever afters—which is why she writes romance. She currently lives with her family and various pets in Utah, and harbors a lifelong devotion to ice cream. For more information, visit her website at


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