Book Review: Between Hope & Tragedy


A dark tale of forbidden love and the consequences that follow.

It all started with one mistake.

But that’s what life is, isn’t it?

One mistake after the other, hoping that one day, things will finally go right for a change.

I left when I got the chance.

I thought it would make everything okay.

But sometimes, things go awry and we all have to go back to the places that hurt us the most.

I should have expected it.

After all, everything can’t be perfect forever.

Age gapStudent/teacherHe falls firstSecond chance

My Review

Zaydee and Garrett's relationship may have started out as taboo, but it ran so much deeper than just physical. It was very much emotional. I felt everything that Zaydee and Garrett were feeling with the sorrow, love, rage, and tears. 

This story shows the raw look into what happens after a moment of passion. Everything does not just look pretty through rose-colored glasses. It is a bumpy road that affects all involved. 

OMG, Yolonda what did you do to me. Ooh my aching heart just shattered into a million pieces. If you ever wondered if a short book could be so powerful...the answer is yes!


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