The Rage of Plum Blossoms

Attorney Quinn Jones is in over her head. Her husband, Jordan Chang, Annapolis grad and superstar businessman, has been found dead outside their Greenwich Village brownstone. He’s wearing clothes that aren’t his, and was last seen at a place he never went while consorting with people he shouldn’t—and he’s vastly richer than he ought to be, Quinn discovers. Since NYPD has labeled Jordan’s death a suicide, Quinn is on her own to uncover the truth. Courtrooms, Quinn knows. Chanel No. 5, horses, martial arts, and frizzy hair, she knows. Murder, she doesn’t know but she’s learning fast in order to stay alive. With a few clues to work with, including a photo of Jordan with a stunning unknown Asian woman and a copy of a 1986 check payable to Jordan for twelve million dollars, Quinn stalks the back streets of Chinatown, haunted by the need to know what happened that day and why.
My Review

The best part about taking a chance on a new author is when the end result is a winner! Instantly, I connected with the story and Quinn as well as all of the other characters in the book. They did not play just minor parts or as secondary characters. I applaud Quinn's determination to find the truth while keeping a level head. There were a few times that Quinn found herself in a dangerous situation but she kept her cool.

Additionally, I enjoyed learning about Chinese traditions. I have a better understanding of the beliefs, especially regarding the soul. To be honest, I didn't see the ending coming. This is a good thing as the author was able to kept a few steps ahead of me. The events leading to the truth involving Quinn's husband was believable. I look forward to reading more books from this author. The Rage of Plum Blossoms will have you yearning for more!


Mystica said…
Making a note of this one. Thanks for the review.

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