Moments of Choice

Inside the Book:

Author: Linda L. Singh
Publisher: Write Stream Publishing
Pages: 260
Genre: Biography
How does a young girl emerge from humble beginnings in a rural, four-room house and an adolescence characterized by abuse and homelessness to become a Major General in the United States Army and an Executive with a leading global professional services company? For Major General Linda L. Singh, it was a series of moments. From choosing forgiveness over resentment, love over fear, discipline over recklessness, and hard work over dependency, Singh takes readers on an inspiring journey of self-discovery, love, and acceptance. With courage, honesty, and passion, she divulges how she learned to understand the value in every choice and experience, armed with unwavering faith and determination. Along the way, Major General Singh acknowledges the multitude of mentors and role-models who assisted her in her transformation from homeless teenager to self-assured leader, wife, and mother – a path that eventually led to her installation as the Commander of the Maryland National Guard. Want to follow her example and rise above your current circumstances? Read Moments of Choice: My Path to Leadership by Major General Linda L. Singh.

My Review

I really and thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I felt that there was a good balance between Major General Singh's personal life and her military life. The way both lives intertwined with each other to shape the person that Major General Singh is today is great.

Major General Singh had a rough life but sadly not any different then some people growing up. I am blessed that I did not have to deal with the situations that Major General Singh encountered like being homeless, rape, abandonment or a spilt family. My parents love both me and my sister. We had a nice home growing up and never had to look forward to either parent having "drinking days".

There is an analogy that Major General Singh references and that is a tree. I like this reference as we are all trees. Each branch is a different path that we have taken in life (good or bad). It is how we learn from our choices that help us to grow and have a strong root base.

To quote Major General Singh "You often hear people say, "Live life to the fullest." For me, it meant living the life I desired to have and refusing to allow others to set the agenda."



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